Friday, June 25, 2010


"It was after my grandmother passed away that Pancho came to me in Las Vegas." 

My grandmother had him for many years and the family referred to him as Pancho. According to her she acquired Pancho from a man in Oaxaca, Mexico who bestowed it to our family. She had him at her house until she passed away. A couple of weeks after she died I had a dream about her crystal skull. I really didn't understand why I was dreaming about her crystal skull but I attributed it to the fact that I really missed her and that I was dreaming about something that reminded me of her and her home.Three days later, I got a call from my father telling me that it was a family decision that the skull should be with me in Las Vegas. I really didn't know much about crystal skulls and I vaguely remember him even when I was growing up seeing him only as a strange decorative piece in my family's house. Honestly, I was not very interested in crystal skulls. Even when the Indiana Jones movie came out, I really wasn't very impressed and the whole idea of aliens, and Mayas and crystal skulls was extremely far fetched. Before he came to me, I thought that the best thing I should do is research crystal skulls. I called a couple of people I found on the Internet that were "experts" or "guardians" and asked them for their advise. I got on all the websites available and slowly began to understand more and more the significance of crystals, crystal skulls and spirituality. I always considered myself a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy and left esoteric and ethereal things to gurus, mystics and New Agers. Rapidly I became more and more interested. 

The day came when my dad brought Pancho to me to Las Vegas. It was very exciting especially since I had been studying and researching so much. I was fascinated when I saw him again. It was a different experience than the times I had seen him before. It's like I could feel a connection. I took him and spent some time alone with him and as I looked at him, I could feel him looking back at me. He was so happy!

My father and I discussed how we needed to be really careful about his security especially since Pancho was such a valuable piece of history. It was my father's orders that I take Pancho directly to the bank as soon as possible and to put him in a safety deposit box. I agreed and that was my plan. 

The next day I called my banker. I set up a date to take Pancho to the bank and put him safely away. 

That night, I was alone in my home with Pancho. I felt a very strong energy coming from him. It was as if that happy skull that I had been reacquainted with was not so happy anymore. 

"I want to be revealed, I want to be exposed". I heard those words loud and clear from Pancho. My heart skipped a beat and I felt a shiver through my body. At that moment I realized he didn't want to be locked up in a safety deposit box forever. He had other plans. Suddenly, I thought to myself, "am I crazy? did I just hear a voice from a piece of rock?" This was starting to get weird. I remembered all the research I had done about the crystal skulls and about all the legends and stories about them. There was something more, something I really didn't understand about them and about Pancho so I decided that locking him away was not such a good idea anymore and that what he wanted was to meet with the people.

So now, Pancho has many group and private sessions in Las Vegas and he travels around the country. He has been to Texas, Washington and Florida. He loves meeting people and it is so incredible that almost everyone he encounters, people say how happy he is. People ask me, "so if he's not in a safety deposit box in a bank is he safe?" The answer is YES! Pancho is very very safe. There are levels of security that are very costly but very necessary. But he is also available for people to get to know him. It has become my mission to accomplish his first communication with me, "I want to be revealed, I want to be exposed!"